About Premier Futsal

Premier Futsal is the world's biggest futsal promotions company, with it's flagship 3-week tournament featuring ex-football superstars, current best futsal players in the world, and home-grown players scouted via a talent hunt. The 1st edition was launched in 2016 to great fanfare in India, and grossed over 100Mn in viewership globally, with an overall reach of close to 750Mn.

With a made-for-TV product, Premier Futsal has already become the global leader in futsal, surpassing all viewership of other global futsal events combined. Premier Futsal aims to promote and increase the awareness of futsal through investing in talent hunts, community building and infrastructure development, all culminating into the 3-week tournament celebrating the best talent in the world.

Premier Futsal is now amongst the biggest private sporting events in the world, and is set to launch it's international editions in 2018.