What is the minimum required age for participants in Launchpad?
The trials are open to participants of ages 18 & above.
Which are the venues/cities where Launchpad will be organized?
Launchpad will be held in the following cities:
Delhi , Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Cochin
How will we be informed of our selection post trials?
Participants will be informed through direct communication via e-mail & SMS. Additionally, participants can check social media pages of Premier Futsal for the roster of selected players.
What are the stages of the trials?
The trials are comprised of 3 stages:
Stage 1: Physical Ability Test - This stage will focus on testing a player's physical fitness for ensuring his ability to perform in the game.
Stage 2: Mental Ability - This stage will focus on the mental strength of the player, assessing his mindset as a team player.
Stage 3: Skills Test - This stage will test the level of the participant's futsal skills.
What is the duration of the trials?
Each participant will have trials lasting a minimum of 1 day and maximum of 5 days, depending on his ability to clear the above stages.
Does Premier Futsal provide for travel & accommodation for participants attending the trials?
Premier Futsal shall NOT be responsible for providing accommodation. Travelling participants shall have to make their own arrangements.
How will the players be chosen for the main tournament?
Selection of participants is independently & fairly handled by a team of International scouts & coaches appointed by Premier Futsal.
What is the next step upon getting selected at the trials?
Participants selected at the trials will be automatically enrolled in a bootcamp where they will undergo intensive training under world class International coaches & scouts. The top players from the bootcamp shall be placed into the teams as per the tournament policy.
Is a participant's past experience in football/futsal taken into consideration?
Past experience can be of great help but isn't a criteria for selection. The performance displayed at the trials is what the selection is based upon.
Will the legends be present at the trials?
Legends may/may not be part of the selection process.
Can participants be accompanied by parents/guardians to the venue?
The participants can be accompanied by a parent/guardian, but there shall be no separate arrangements made for the same.
Does selection in Launchpad ensure a spot in Premier Futsal teams?
Getting selected at the trials provides a greater chance of playing in the final teams, but it does not, in any way, guarantee a spot in the final teams.
What is UID?
UID stands for Unique Identification Number, which is assigned to each registrant and is shared with them via e-mail & SMS. Participants are required to produce the same on the day of trials to ensure successful participation.
Is there a refund policy in case of missing the trial/ last minute cancellation?
There shall be NO refunds as PFL shall be sending out the registration kit to all the participants.
What are alternative forms of payment, if not online?
Registration can only be done online through www.premierfutsal.com/launchpad
What level of first-aid facilities will be provided at the trial venue?
All standard first aid facilities & safety measures shall be provided at the participating venues.
What are documents required for a smooth & successful trial?
Any valid Government issued ID & Address proof shall be accepted by PFL.
When will the kits for the registered participants be delivered?
For registrants who have registered till 10th of April they will get their kits delivered at their billing address on or before 30th of April. For those who have registered on or after 11th of April the delivery will be done on or before 31st of May.